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Garage floor covering, and garage flooring for a garage floor paint, coating and epoxy alternative.  Our garage floor mat provides a rubber or vinyl tile coating, to make your garage look incredible! It comes in a variety of colors or personalized logos to create the perfect look in your garage.  RevTek™ has truly taken garage floor materials to another level! Our garage floor mat covering system is made from high quality polypropylene and copolymer materials, which gives RevTek a distinct advantage over garage floor paint and coating products such as epoxy. RevTek has outperformed epoxy by allowing better durability, a safer work environment, a maintenance free design, and the ease of a quick and simple installation!  If you have not heard the news about RevTek™ by now, you might find that now is the time to make the switch!

RevTek puts a layer between your garage flooring and your car. Chemicals, oils, grease, and other work fluids drain through the suspended surface, giving you the confidence that spills and other liquids will not become hazardous to you or your work project. Our interlocking mat tiles require no adhesives or special tools to install, just cut and snap them into place, it's that simple! RevTek™ is changing the garage floor industry one garage at a time. It is safe, easy to install, durable, and surpass garage floor coating on many levels. Get your RevTek garage flooring system and REV UP YOUR GARAGE, TODAY!

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