RevTek™ Garage Floor Tiles vs Epoxy Paint Flooring

RevTek Garage Flooring
Why RevTek?

RevTek vs EpoxyAre you tired of continuously having to clean, maintain, and watch your steps when working on epoxy garage flooring?  We have found the solution to all of your garage problems with our state-of-the-art RevTek™ garage flooring product!  RevTek™ will give you the comfort, ease, and versatility that epoxy can only dream of.  Epoxy garage floorings such as Rustoleum or Behr can be very expensive and time consuming to complete.  Professionally installed, epoxy can run upwards of $2,000 for a standard 350sq/ft two-car garage!  RevTek™ by Rhino Sports can be installed at a fraction of that cost and can be customized to fit your residential or commercial color scheme, sports team, or personalized design.  Epoxy cannot match that!

Not only is RevTek™ considered a superior design when compared to epoxy, but RevTek™ also gives the user a safe and friendly work environment.  Our interlocking tiles give you the confidence to work knowing chemicals and hazardous wastes are drained through the suspended surface.  With epoxy, cleaning and maintaining is almost a job in itself.  Over time, epoxy products will show stains, begin to deteriorate, and be extremely hazardous to walk on if they are not cleaned on a regular basis!  Professional car workshops have shied away installing epoxy due to maintenance costs and installation costs.  With RevTek™, maintenance is minimal and safety is our number one concern! 

RevTek™ betters epoxy coating in one more area, safety.  Our top-of-the-line interlocking garage tiles have the strength to handle heavy projects or dropped tools, but also gives you a soft cushion for your back, knees, and joints to work on.  RevTek™ is changing the way people and businesses do work in garages.  We are making garaging safe, friendly, and affordable.  Don’t make the mistake with epoxy garage flooring, make the move to Rhino Sports and REV UP YOUR GARAGE, TODAY!

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