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Residential Garage Flooring

Residential Garage FloorWe are the proud provider of RevTek™ garage flooring systems.  Our residential garage flooring is a state-of-the-art modular covering system that is made from special polypropylene copolymer materials.  RevTek’s™ high quality composite structure is extremely versatile, and will withstand anything you put on it.  Whether you are working on your ’67 Mustang or changing the oil on your Big Block Chevy, our RevTek™ garage sports flooring with stand up to the test.  RevTek™ is ideal for residential garage areas to show off your custom cars or your professional working area.  Our rubber and vinyl interlocking tiles make a safe and effective work space, giving you the comfort to work and operate knowing chemicals, grease, brake fluid, oils, and any other fluids will drain through the suspended surface, allowing you stable footing while working and operating.  Epoxy garage flooring and garage floor painting surfaces cannot say that!

Our residential garage flooring can turn any garage into one of the most attractive, entertaining, and functional spaces in your residential area.  RevTek™ has one of the most unique features available on the garage flooring market.  Unlike epoxy, our flooring system can be customized to fit your garage color scheme, your favorite sports team, or custom designs!  Create a dynamic area that will make your neighbors jealous and cause epoxy to be a thing of the past!  RevTek™ is easy to install, maintenance free, safe to walk on, versatile, and tough.  Our garage flooring system will make your residential garage the talk of the town!  Don’t wait any longer, customize your RevTek™ flooring to your favorite sport team, favorite colors, or custom design, the choice is yours!  Epoxy cannot offer that! 

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