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RevTek Garage Flooring
Other Flooring Applications

Other flooring applications - gym floorRevTek’s™ unique design and installation has given a new meaning to the phrase, “multi-purpose.”  RevTek™ was not only designed for residential and commercial garage use, but will also perform wonderfully on any surface you put it on.  They are great on cement areas, grass areas, or even sand surfaces.  Not matter where you put RevTek™, it will stand up to the challenge and make your display look great. 

RevTek™ outperforms the competitors by using a unique design, a safe durable surface, and the ability to add or remove the interlocking tiles quickly and easily, whenever you feel necessary.  RevTek™ can be easily transported to various car shows, be used at home or on the road, or displayed indoors and out, the choice is yours!  RevTek™ will be up to whatever you throw at it!!

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