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Garage floor tile, garage floor coating and mats are on the minds of a lot of home owners.  Our garage tile flooring is a rubber and vinyl interlocking system called RevTek™.   RevTek™ has given the garage floor tile industry a new leader in protection!  This state-of-the-art modular tile design is made from high quality polypropylene and polymer rubber.  This high durability garage floor mat design offers a clear-cut advantage over sealant coating protectors such as epoxy, rustoleum, and behr.  Our simple design and easy installation gives you a no hassle product that looks great, protects, and is safer to work on that epoxy!

RevTek™ garage floor tile is changing the garage floor covering industry.  We are offering a simple, yet effective product that allows your garage to be covered from hazards, is safe to work on, and has a quick and easy install process.  Our rubber and vinyl made interlocking tiles can be cut with a utility knife and easily installed.  When you have your design style ready, just snap them into place and your done!  There are no adhesives or special tools required.  Unlike epoxy garage floor coating, you do not need to wait for the surface to dry and installation does not need to be done over a weeks time.  RevTek™ garage floor mat system is ready to go right out of the box!  Making it a no hassel choice, and a low maintenance comittment.

If you are interested in learning more about our garage floor tile system and the difference it brings versus epoxy garage floor coating, contact us or view more information on our website.  Our interlocking garage floor mat made from high strength rubber and vinyl will give you the confidence to perform those heavy tasks while still being easy and soft on your knees and back.  Garage tile flooring is here to stay and RevTek™ clearly is the leader in interlocking tile flooring!

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