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Garage floor paint, epoxy garage floor and sealants such as garage floor epoxy paint and painting are not as safe as a RevTek™ covering.  Sealants such as rustoleum or behr, are epoxy garage floor products that are NOT the best solution for your residential or commercial garage areas.  Garage floor epoxy paint covering can be very expensive and time-consuming to complete. Professionally installed, your garage area could cost upwards of $6.00 per sq/ft for garage floor painting.  If your average two-car garage is 325sq/ft, then your cost for epoxy covering is around $2,000!  For a fraction of garage floor epoxy paint, you can get RevTek™ interlocking tiles and get the same great look without worrying out spills, damage, or keeping it maintained.

Epoxy garage flooring such as behr and rustoleum sealant are extremely costly when covering a large area.  The installation process is long and time consuming.  Once the week-long process of garage floor painting has been completed, most owners are too afraid to get it dirty!  Epoxy does not have the same durability and damage resistance that RevTek™ has.  Our product is strong enough to handle heavy loads, dropped tools, and steady foot traffic.  RevTek™ also gives the user a soft rubber and vinyl interlocking tile surface that is easy on their knees and back when working and walking, also helping to prevent slips.  Epoxy cannot say that! 

Epoxy garage floors and sealants can look great, if done correctly.  But can be very dangerous if not maintained regularly.  Although most epoxy companies use a variety of covering techniques, all can be very slippery and hazardous when wet.  RevTek™ allows you to walk comfortably and easily on the surface not worrying about spills or water that might be lingering on the surface.  Garage floor painting is also problematic because stains can occur and ruin a thousand dollar job!  Most customers who purchase epoxy garage floor paint worry more about it looking great and being safe to walk on, then getting their work done! 

Don’t be caught up in the hype of epoxy garage flooring, RevTek™ is the new, safe, durable, and attractive garage surface for both residential and commercial use.  The polypropylene and copolymer materials will be long lasting and look great on your showroom or garage floor.

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