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Garage floor mat, garage floor finish and tiles are in demand today!  If you are looking for a vinyl or rubber mat for your garage, try RevTek™!  Our interlocking tile system is made from high quality polypropylene and the best in safe surfaces! This unique design material is part of the fastest growing markets in the garage flooring!  While epoxy products have been a highly popular choice, the installation process and cost of epoxy has turned many customers to find new choices for garage finishes.  RevTek™  is the solution to your garage flooring problems!

 RevTek™ offers you an easy to install product that can be simply cut with a utility knife.  No adhesives or special tools are required for installation, just snap the garage floor mat into place when done.  Our unique garage floor tile product allows you to choose the custom design that is right for you.  Pick from a wide variety of colors or color combinations that suit your particular showroom needs or color specifications.  A few of the unique colors offered are Forest Green, Graphite, Rhino Blue, and Louisville Red.  Our interlocking tile mat made from rubber and vinyl will not only be easy to design and install, but will be soft on your knees and back while working and durable enough for the heavy duty project you may throw at it.  RevTek™ has a maintenance free design which allows you to just hose it off when washing your car or after completing a dirty job. 

RevTek™ is an innovative approach to the garage floor finish and garage floor mat market.  We are proud to say we offer the very best garage floor tile available.  Our interlocking rubber and vinyl mat allows for easy installation and the unique ability to customize the colors that is right for your garage.  RevTek™ interlocking tile design is a great alternative to epoxy and has been proven to be durable and safe in both residential and commercial work places.  Contact us for more information or view more details online, today!

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