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Garage floor covering and garage floor protector called RevTek™ will create a safer working environment than a garage floor coating!  A coating does not offer the protection that the RevTek™ garage floor mat system gives you.  Whether you are doing a repair on a classic rusted car or just changing your oil, our RevTek™ garage floor mat will create a high quality work surface that is safe, durable, and practically maintenance free.  RevTek™ also gives you a rubber-working surface that is soft on your knees and back, while being strong against dirty spills or heavy machinery.

Garage floor covering and garage floor coating has been a highly popular service over the past few years.  Without wanting to spend upwards of $6 per sq/ft for epoxy garage floor coating, you can get the protection and looks of RevTek™ for hundreds less.  Our quality rubber surface not only give you better grip, less maintenance, and a more durable work surface, but RevTek™ garage floor protector will also cover cracks and stains that may need a high dollar repair.  Our product also gives you the opportunity to customize your garage floor mat system by choosing an array of colors or patterns that will truly enhance your showroom quality vehicles.

RevTek™ by Rhino Courts offers a truly unique product.  Spending thousands more for a garage floor coating system that does not offer quality protection or provide a safe work surface would be a mistake.  Instead, invest in a garage floor covering and garage floor protector that will withstand the elements and also give you a high quality showroom floor.  Our floor mat system is a proven winner in residential garages, showrooms, and commercial repair shops.  Don’t spend the extra money with repairs and maintenance on epoxy floors, get a RevTek™ garage floor mat rubber and vinyl interlocking tile system today.

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