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Commercial Car Yard FlooringRevTek’s™ interlocking tiles have a high quality composite structure will not only be strong against anything you put on it, but RevTek™ is very versatile as well.  Ideal for commercial business workshops, auto shows, and retail displays, RevTek™ can be customized to fit your personal taste.  Whether your looking to add a personalized business logo or a specific design on your RevTek™ flooring system, we can do it!  The RevTek™ system can also change sizes by simply cutting the interlocking tiles with a regular utility knife, or, simply snap more tiles into place to add size.  This is perfect for traveling auto shows that need to add or remove tiles to fit showroom spaces, while still having a professional display to showcase your automobile!

Not only will RevTek™ cover up cracked and stained floors, but it will also remove hazardous chemicals, grease, oils, and any other fluids by draining them through the RevTek’s™ suspended surface.  This unique pattern creates a stable walking and working area, so you don’t get dirty when working or lose your footing while walking.  Epoxy paint products only wish they can say that! 

If you are looking for a truly unique garage floor design system that is practically maintenance free, is safe to operate on, customizable, and will save you money, then RevTek™ is the garage flooring answer you have been looking for!  Contact us today at 1.800.585.0922, or see your authorized Rhino Dealer for more information!

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